Endorsement from Celia & Neville Kernick

Field, SA

Before they had seen the 2022 Ashmore sale rams in the flesh, Celia and Neville Kernick were thoroughly impressed with their ASBVs.

The return clients of Troy and Nette Fischer look at constantly improving their flock to continue their breeding aims and they’re able to do this thanks to the in-depth animal information made available to them.

The Kernick family, of Field SA, based in a “pretty reliable rainfall area” of about 450mm on average, runs two flocks of ewes.

They run a dohne ram over their first class ewes to produce self-replacing breeders and a White Suffolk ram over the second class ewes to produce prime lamb production.

The Kenrick’s have worked closely with Nette and Troy to optimise their selection prior to each purchase.

This allows them to purchase rams that will complement their two ewe flocks and continue to achieve their breeding goals of a quick turn-around lambing to market.

Prior to Ashmore’s 2022 on-property sale, Celia received all breeding data from Nette, giving her full insight into what rams they should look to pick up and add to their enterprise.

They go through all ASBVs and sort accordingly but look heavily at post-weaning weight.

“When we first opened up this year’s (catalogue) we couldn’t believe the colours that were associated with the top five, 10, and 20 percent of it and were very impressed with the catalogue right away, ” Celia said.

“Post-weaning weight is very important to us because as soon as we can get them up and gone then they are as profitable as can be,” Celia said.

Producing prime lambs at their mixed enterprise property, Celia and Neville have an April drop (from late March to early May) and begin selling their lambs in late August.

“(we are) Getting that early growth figure which is what we are chasing…you don’t have to compromise carcass traits for early growth,” Celia said.

Typically their lambs sell at about 50kg live weight, fitting them into the heavy trade section - all achieved with the help of the Ashmore Ram bloodline which produces a quick maturing lamb.

“The Ashmore rams are delivering the traits we are looking for.”

For more information or to chat with Troy or Nette Fischer at Ashmore Rams, give them a call on 0439 933 111.